residency Rupert, Vilnius

residency Hangar Barcelona, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, WKV Stuttgart

Summer School on Postsocialist Ecologies, LCCA Riga and KUMU Tallinn

stipend, Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg

shortlisted, Frischzelle, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart



dycp award, Arts Council England

stipend, Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg

residency, Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol, Switzerland

fellowship nomination, DZ Bank Art Collection, Frankfurt/Main


2020 - 2021

residency, Cité International des Arts, Paris, France

stipend, Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg


2016 - 2018

MFA fine art, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK



research project, Reset The Apparatus, Die Angewandte, Vienna, Austria



fine art studies, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia



stipend, Marianne Ingenwerth Foundation, Germany

UNESCO Exchange Programme, Stiftung Zollverein, Germany, Anadolu Kültür Istanbul, Turkey, and Klassikstiftung Weimar, Germany


2010 - 2015

photography studies, Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany


2007 - 2009

economics studies, HfWU Nürtingen, Germany






Saskia Fischer

Current & Upcoming


Herbarium, Sztuka i Dokumentacja, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk, Poland





Exhibitions & Publications



Lights, curated by Milena Černiakaitė and Aušra Trakšelytė, Apiece Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

Werkstattpalast, Ato Vision, Rhein Harbour, Karlsruhe, Germany

Paratext, Hangar, Barcelona, Spain

Bitte Recht Freundlich, Museum im Steinhaus, Bönnigheim, Germany

The City is a Forest, essay, Desired Landscapes no 5, edited by Natassa Pappa, Athens, Greece

Koŝice Seed Library, curated by Borbála Soós, Šopa Gallery, Koŝice, Slovakia

Bangkok Biennial, stricte intimité, curated by Lee Anantawat, Tristan Deschamps, and Sathit Sattarasart, Bangkok, Thailand



A Garden for Autarkia, initiated in collaboration with Lukas Strolia, Autarkia, Vilnius, Lithuania

Violets (Retour de Paris), commission for a public art work, Institut français and Current Festival, Berliner Platz, Stuttgart

A Year of Exhaustion, curated by Tristan Deschamps, Borkheide, Germany



Wormhole Magazine, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany

Hotel Happiness, curated by Paul Chapellier, Beverley Gadsden and Miriam Naeh, UK/Israel

Reading Continues at Home, #7, curated by Malou Solfjeld, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna, Austria

A ____, Herbaria 3.0



The Superfluous, a text on Maximilian Schneider, Tzvetnik

Interview, a conversation w/ Tanya Job, Dubrovnik Contemporary, Croatia



The Salamander Devours It‘s Tail Twice, curated by Ashley Middleton, Gallery 46, London, UK

Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show, exhibition and catalogue, Goldsmiths, London, UK

OR, exhibition and catalogue, curated by Gaps and Belinda Martin, FAC, Madrid, Spain

The Stuff That Fits You, Musgrove, London, UK

Conspiracy Of The Real, Tenderpixel, London, UK

A Certain Wendung, solo, Kaskl Galerie, Berlin, Germany



Infinite Vanitas, duo, curated by Felice Moramarco, San Guiseppe, Conversano, Italy

A Handful Of Uncertainty And Joy, curated by Javier Chozas, Chalton Gallery, London, UK

Let’s Yarding, curated by Gaps and Belinda Martin, Graham Rd, London, UK

Deptford X, London, UK

Give Me A Body Then, curated by Felice Moramarco, Santacroce, Altamura, Italy

Eine Platz In Der Welt, curated by Gisela Bullacher and Uwe Schramm, Kunsthaus Essen, Germany

We‘re All Involved In This Mess, curated by Felice Moramarco, EnclaveLab, London, UK

Cadavre Exquis, Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany



Collector Destroyer Voyeur, Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany

X Auf Ypsilon Framed, Zollamt Studios, Offenbach, Germany



Das Bild Als Gegenüber, curated by Gisela Bullacher, C-Hub Mannheim, Germany

Tase, EKA, Kotzebue, Tallinn, Estonia

Räige Päike, artist book, Tallinn, Estonia

No Image Is As Good As Any Other, duo, curated by Merilin Talumaa, EKA Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia

Nimeta, duo, Galerie 52, Essen, Essen, Germany



Näitamiseks/Müümiseks, Rundum Space, Tallinn, Estonia

Manifesta 10, Parallel Program, St. Petersburg, Russia

BLICKБЛИК, Taiga Art Space, St. Petersburg, Russia