Saskia Fischer

Infinite Vanitas



Opening 19th of December 2017 19h

Contempo, Ex Chiesa San Giuseppe, Conversano


w/ works by Pier Alfeo & Saskia Fischer

the exhibition is curated by Valentina Iacovelli & Felice Moramarco




a handful of uncertainty and joy



Opening 16th of December 2017 17h

at Chalton Gallery, London


w/ works by Tiz Creel,  Javier Chozas, Tyler Eash, Saskia Fischer, Paul Gaudet, Teal Griffin, Marios Stamatis & Lea Collet





Let`s Yarding



Opening 3rd of November 2017 16h

123 Graham Road, London


w/ works by Marcel Darienzo, Olga Doulkeridou, Saskia Fischer, Farnaz Gholami, Ant Hamlyn, Tahuanty Jacanamijoy,

Andres Lozano and Radu Nastasia


the exhibition is curated by GAPS Curatorial



Give Me A Body Then



Opening 8th of July 2017 20h

Santacroce, Altamura, Italy


w/ works by Saskia Fischer, Katharine Fry, Michele Giangrande, Roberto Pugliese, Giuseppe Teofilo and Natália Trejbalová

the exhibition is curated by Felice Moramarco



Interlude For A Summer Night



1st of July 2017 18 -21h

Arnold Circus, London


I am participating in a performance by H/D (Himali Singh Soin & David Soin Tappeser). The event is curated by ramoslübbert and is  part of the Associate Programme of Art Night 2017.



Ein Platz In Der Welt



Opening 11th June 2017 16h

Kunsthaus Essen


w/ works by Sebastian Eggler, Laetitia Eskens, Saskia Fischer,

Veit Hüter and Pio Rahner



We´re All Involved In This Mess



Opening 28th April 2017 17h

EnclaveLab, London


My performance of

Reading A Text I Couldn´t Write

will take place on 4th of May at 19.50h



Cadavre Exquise No2



Opening 31st March 2017 19h

Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin



Collector Destroyer Voyeur



Opening 19th August 2016 19h

Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart

Der raue Charm der mittelgroßen Städte

by Philipp Hindahl



19th May 2016, Schirn Magazin

Frankfurt am Main

X Auf Ypsilon, Framed



Opening 20th May 2016 19h

Zollamt Galerie, Offenbach




28th November 2015 18h

Filmhaus Bielefeld

Das Bild als Gegenüber



Opening 16th October 2015 19h

C-Hub Mannheim

Finale, Folkwang Graduation Show



Opening 2nd October 2015 12h

Sanaa, Zollverein, Essen

Tase 15



Opening 4th June 2015 18h

Kunstiakadeemia, Tallinn